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Ceiling Grid and tile Calculator

Concrete Crack Sealer Calculator

Concrete Slab Calculator

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Foundation Calculator

Wood Framing Calculator

Jointing Sand Calculator

Landscaping Calculate

Mortar Joint Sealer Calculator

Mortar Mix Calculator

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Post Hole Concrete calculator

Roofing cost calculator
Roofing Calculator

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Veneer Stone Mortar Calculator

Convert Units of Area (METER, FEET, YARD, HECTAR )

Convert Units of Capacity or Volume (CUBIC FEET, YARD, CUBIC METER )

Convert Units of Density (GRAM, kg, POUND, OUNCE)

Convert Units of Length (METER, YARD, FEET )

Convert Units of Mass or Weight (GRAM, kg, metric TON, us TON )


Meter Yard Feet in one page


Roof Pitch in Degrees

Measuring roof rise


Roof Pitch & total SQ calculation


R Value Calculator based on wall Types

Wall Assembly selector based on FR and STC

STC Rating and wall assemblies